Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the nature of the wedding gowns

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Undoubtedly, a wedding is of the most precious & memorable moments in life. To make this occasion more outstanding, sure customs have been practiced, like the special wedding dresses, the marriage cake, etc. The bride\'s dress is given special importance & care is taken to make her look like an angel in her stunning wedding gown. The phrase, \"dressed up,\" is perfectly suited for a wedding, where both the bride & the groom are in their best apparel.

The background of the marriage governs the nature of the marriage apparel. In other words, the society, the culture, & the customs followed by the parties involved in the marriage are key factors in the making of the marriage dress. The marriage dress is the dress worn by the bride in the work of the marriage ceremony. \"Dress maketh a man.\" Befittingly, the marriage dress or the bridal gown is usually pretty & graceful to reflect the most precious moment in life--marriage.

The color, texture, design, etc. of the marriage gown is naturally the bride\'s choice. White is a well-liked color for American wedding dresses, as white is associated with qualities like purity, peace & chastity. Nevertheless, the gown may even be in shades of white like ivory or eggshell.

Empire Style Special Bust with Pleats Skirt Chapel Train Taffeta Wedding Dress WM-0021

Empire Style Special Bust with Pleats Skirt Chapel Train Taffeta Wedding Dress WM-0021

For the Chinese, the red dress is the most preferred for weddings. The Chinese think about red to be a blessed color. The Indians also think about red as a color of nice omen, so brides in India wear a red sari, which is bright & colorful . But this color is avoided in Western countries. In the earlier days, any color other than black or red was acceptable for the marriage gown. A face veil was also worn. The custom of wearing a white wedding dress at a wedding was imitated from the royal weddings, wherein the queen wore a stunning white wedding gown with a long train behind. This idea was gained from peacocks, which were honored as royal birds.

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