Monday, October 17, 2011

a flattering wedding dress

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Every woman wants to look their best day of his marriage. Unfortunately, many designers making more difficult should be.

What is the big problem? When it comes to the room, men are easy. The latest in clothing for men is the tuxedo, which really is nothing more than a fantasy costume. But wedding dresses are different. Silhouettes and different courts profess different figures. The issue is of particular interest for curves or voluptuous brides.

The irony is that the wives of curvilinear are much more common to model thin flange. Simply a case of an isolated sector can be idealized a body type that does not actually exist in reality.

But this does not mean that the voluptuous girlfriend is out of options. We are forgetting that fashion designers not always preferred to stick figures. The first thing that should determine a future curve is your body type.

For some strange reason, the female figure is often described as a type of fruit. All these basic body types are used to describe girls who are not thin. As you might expect, they are much more frequent than the small body, leader or data types.

A-Line/Princess Strapless Chapel Train Satin wedding dress (WS0036)

A-Line/Princess Strapless Chapel Train Satin wedding dress (WS0036)

Because the basic biology, women tend to acquire and operate most of their weight on their hips, buttocks and thighs. In comparison, men tend to acquire and weight in their stomachs, i.e. the classic beer belly. As a result, many women who are out of the 20 have a figure pear-shaped. It simply means they carry most of their weight in the regions that we cite.

The problem that occurs when it comes to an evening gown is pear shaped women tend to look a little truncated or unequal if they find the right wedding dress. They should carry out research is a dress that can help them achieve balance, adding to its upper half.

The silhouette of choice for women pear shaped is the classic detonate. For brides-to-be who feel a little more timid in its figures, there are some non-conventional options. Dark background can also help hide or divert the areas of disorder. Pencil skirts are popular with the brides-to-be younger than often their pair with a loose blouse.


The silhouette of the Empire has been popular for centuries. It is used to design formal clothes for real women and clothing Empire was one of his most popular creations. This wedding of large dressed together under the bust and often is accompanied by a loose skirt to create a balance with the emphasis on the bust and the concealment of the stomach. Dresses of the Empire also help lengthen the body, making them a hit with women more short films that are a bit swollen.

Also known under the name of the type of body of hourglass, these women have larger busts and hips more. The shape of an hourglass became famous in Hollywood as starlets of Marilyn Monroe. But a flattering wedding dress can be difficult for the discovery of the blonde bomb if she was buying today.

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